“Solo Moto” interviews Miguel Ángel García, general manager of M-Automoción

The December 2021 edition of «Solo Moto» magazine features the participation of the CEO of the M-Automoción group, Miguel Ángel Garcia, who was interviewed to talk about the change in mobility, the new era of electric motorbikes and the future of the automotive industry.

The M-Automoción group stands out for its constant progress, innovation and improvement. This past year, the group has been joined by two new brands of electric motorbikes, Horwin and Arena, both brands aim to be pioneers in their sector. On the other hand, the magazine «Solo Moto», a pioneer in its sector, is increasingly focusing on the electric mobility of motorbikes and dedicates its magazines to talk about the advantages, benefits and improvements in this sector.

Miguel Ángel García wanted to highlight in the interview the great interest of the group to create an electric and sustainable mobility, so we like to highlight the following phrase he said during the interview: «we want to be an active part of the transformation of cities».

In addition to talking about the progress of the electric motorbike market, he also took the opportunity to recall the M group’s journey and highlight memorable moments both for us and for the sector. M-Automoción has been in the automotive sector for around 60 years, during which time it has been growing, innovating and adapting to the needs of its customers and the sector. Several years ago, the group wanted to extend its borders, and moved from the exclusive sale of cars, to the sale of motorbikes and the development of an app, which was initially exclusive to the cab service, but has now evolved into the motorbike sharing, parcel delivery, rent a car and soon to the renting of motorbikes. Miguel Ángel García, sees all these projects as the embodiment of the essence of the group, and its objectives, which are expansion, evolution and constant improvement. For this reason, the group is currently focusing on electric mobility in the motorbike and automobile sectors, in order to continue growing.

Horwin and Arena have finally been the brands on which the group has decided to bet, after many months of market research and competition. Both brands stand out for their high-end products, the unique and elegant design of their models and the efficiency of their technology. Both brands, together with the group, continue to develop new models and evolve the technology of all of them so that the product offered to the public is exclusive and pioneering in the market. Therefore, we are convinced that both Arena and Horwin will be in the top 5 of sales in the near future.

To conclude the interview, we talked about the need for small changes in the sector to make electric motorbikes the future. The number of public charging points is one of the major concerns of the sector, as well as a greater incentive and aid to encourage technological change. But this does not seem to be a major concern for our brands, both Horwin and Arena have removable batteries and fast charging, so there are no limitations. You will be able to charge your motorbike wherever you go, at home, in your garage, office or in a restaurant. In addition, the autonomy of all their models lasts approximately one week.

From M-Automoción, we are flattered with this interview and excited to participate once again in a project that promotes electric mobility, sustainability and gives importance to the improvement of the sector and the ambition to grow.

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