The end of tolls in Catalonia

Catalonia gets rid of some of the most expensive stretches of road.

As of September 1, more than 500 kilometers of road will become free in Spain, where this change will have the greatest impact is in Catalonia.

After Abertis has decided in recent years to free two of the busiest toll roads in the country, the AP-4 and the AP-1, the company continues in this line by adding the AP-2 and the AP-7 to the list of free road sections. In this way, a large part of the stretches in Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon will be exempt from payment.

Which stretches are freed?

Specifically, the AP-7 stretches from Montmeló to Papiol and from Tarragona to La Junquera, where, for the latter, of 245 km, a total of 28.85€ was paid. As for the AP-2, it becomes totally free, thus saving the 20.65€ that had to be paid to travel 215 km from Alfajarín (Zaragoza) to El Vendrell (Tarragona).

In this way, the barriers are opened, covering a total of 550 km of road, previously managed by Abertis, which for 40 years has charged for these roads.

Two Catalan roads also become free of charge

In addition to these two roads, the ‘Generalitat’ will also free two more roads, the C-32, between Barcelona and Lloret de Mar, and the C-33, between Barcelona and Montmeló. Thus, 60 km more will be added to this free road.

All these barrier lifts will save millions of drivers a great deal of money throughout the year. In any case, the biggest beneficiaries of all this are the carriers, who will save, according to calculations by the National Federation of Transport Associations in Spain, about €1900 per vehicle per year.

Work to dismantle the AP-7 toll structure in Valencia MIGUEL LORENZO

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