M-Automoción brings the electric scooter brands Horwin and Arena to Spain.

The new era of mobility is arriving, quietly but poised to revolutionize the Spanish market with the latest electric engineering. M-Automoción becomes the official distributor of Horwin and Arena, two brands of electric propulsion motorbikes, and is looking to expand its dealer network throughout Spain.

«We firmly believe in a future that respects the environment and with mobility options that allow our development in an efficient way», highlights the General Manager of M-Automoción, Miguel Ángel García, to which he adds that «these are values that we share with Horwin and Arena, allowing us to reach this distribution agreement for our country».

According to the National Association of Two-Wheeler Sector Companies (ANESDOR), Spain recorded a 19.2% increase in motorbike registrations in 2020, of which 7.8% are electric motorbikes. In relation to 2019 the change is significant, as the electric motorbikes presented a growth of 242% year-on-year. Today about 8% of the motorbikes on the market are already electric, while electric cars barely reach 1%.

Horwin, the next generation of electric motorbikes

Impressive, inspiring and revolutionary. This is how Horwin presents itself, with unprecedented driving machines. Its team is made up of motorbike enthusiasts, industry experts and even professional riders from Germany, Austria and China. The brand is in full expansion on our continent. Spain joins the 16 European countries that already trust Horwin to pilot the leap towards electric mobility.

Arena, a scooter to win the love of the European market

Inspired by Italian style, German reliability, English heritage, French passion and Spanish boldness. Driven by the Vmoto group, Arena aims to position itself globally and provide models with its own patents. «The Arena is historically the place where the masses gathered to watch performances or be entertained. In this way, the Arena brand will put motorbikes on the stage of electric mobility,» says Miguel Ángel García.

M-Automoción expands its national distribution networks

M-Automoción wants to develop the dealer network in Spain. «We are in the first phase, focused on the cities with the highest share of electric motorbikes and with a great business opportunity. We will sit down with distributors interested in offering our models, available from July», explains Fran Iglesias, Head of Business Expansion.

The intention is to grow nationally and to have a presence by the end of the year in the provinces with the greatest weight in two-wheeled mobility. These points of sale will be able to offer the purchase option, as well as after-sales service, maintenance and warranty management.

Joining the distribution network will give the local dealer the possibility of selling motorbikes with pioneering technology in Europe, as well as support throughout their commercial relationship to boost their sales. They will be provided with materials, media and digital platforms, communication and stock management support and local business development, to enable them to stand out from their competitors with the know-how of a company with more than 50 years of experience in distribution.

For those companies interested in the project, there are two specific websites for dealers:

Arena: https://arenamotor.es/arena-dealers/

Horwin: https://horwin.com.es/horwin-dealers/

For those who want to purchase the models can do so through the Arena and Horwin websites, or in the first flagship of both brands, The Moto Shop. It is a showroom-store located at Calle Aragón, 499 in Barcelona, and will be inaugurated in July of 2021.

The group is committed to sustainable mobility

With this commitment to electric motorbikes, the group is launching a new division specializing in motorbikes, M Motos, with Horwin, Arena and Yamaha. Through this division, it will develop a specific strategy for the Spanish market, applying its experience in the automotive sector.

At the same time, the company continues to develop various smart mobility projects. These include its digital sales portals and the Taxi Ecològic app which, in line with current market trends, expands its mobility solutions to include motorsharing, car rental and parcel delivery, as well as the booking of an eco-friendly cab.

M-Automoción has been working for more than five decades with the best brands to offer mobility in the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Madrid and Castellón. Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Toyota, Opel, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Seat, Subaru, Ssangyong, Jaguar, Land Rover, Chevrolet and SAAB trust M-Automoción to distribute their brands in Spain.

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