It is time for change

In a matter of years we are going to experience a change in the world of mobility. It has been proposed that from 2040 the sale of polluting vehicles (gasoline or diesel) will be prohibited, and a decade later, in 2050, it will be prohibited to drive any polluting vehicle.

These proposals arise from the need to put an end to polluting gases and nuisance caused by the agglomeration of vehicles today. All of them are included in the Climate Change and Energy Transition Bill, which has recently been approved by the Congress of Deputies, just one step away from being a definitive law.

In order to achieve a transcendental change in 2050, thus achieving a fleet of vehicles and cars free of direct CO2 emissions, new changes and measures must be implemented to facilitate and make this project possible.

On of them is increasing the number of charging points and electric vehicles

To reiterate, in approximately 20 years, all cars circulating on the streets of our territory should be 100% emission-free.

Specifically, in Spain the transport sector (cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, etc.) generates 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. To motivate the purchase of electric vehicles, whether cars or motorbikes, the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law provides for the installation of more charging points throughout Spain. By 2050, the aim is to have an extensive network of chargers at all major gas stations, parking lots, shopping centers, main streets, etc.

Low-emission zones

The Law also proposes to increase the measures to reduce the emissions resulting from mobility. The main ones will be the following: the number of low-emission zones will be increased in municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants and measures will also be introduced to encourage the use of private electric transport and shared electric mobility.

At M-Automoción we always think ahead. We have already had a wide range of electric cars in our dealerships for several years. Now is the time to change and together we can achieve a world without polluting emissions.

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